Five webinar marketing tactics marketers often overlook

Sending out a invitation to the house list and posting a link on Twitter doesn’t qualify…you’ve got that already. Here some other ideas for getting extra traction for one or more of your next lead generation webinar or webcasts.

Missed opportunities to generate more leads for your webinars or webcastEmail signatures

Think of all the emails sent by your organization every day (your team, the sales & services teams, and on and on). Have them append simple, unobtrusive title and link below their contact information.

Registration redirect pages

When someone hits the ‘submit’ button to register for your webinar, many systems will redirect them to a landing page of your choice. How about a list of other upcoming webinars?

Waiting rooms

Some part of your audience will show up early and wait for the webinar to start. Don’t have them stare at my face made for radio…give them something to do (like registering for the next webcast in the series).

Moderator scripts

Don’t turn it into an infomercial, but a human voice prompting action is often useful. Do it, judiciously, at the beginning and end.

Follow up emails

“Sorry we missed you, and here’s a link to the recording” misses a great opportunity to add, “…and you might also be interested in <this webinar> <connecting with us on Twitter> or…” For more, read this. 

The bottom line

This subject brings up two things:

One, your webinar solution may not let you do some of these things. Another few bucks a month for a better solution starts sounding like a good investment, no?

Two, the list of possibilities is potentially really, really long. What do you suggest?



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