Webinar Lead Generation: Why Content Rules and What Most Organizations Get Wrong

Marketers have high confidence in webinars for lead generation. The challenge, however, is you’re your confidence doesn’t necessarily translate into results — even if you might persist until you figure it out.

The good news is that you can accelerate your understanding and effectiveness with a little help from your friends. Here are two investments that I promise will pay dividends:

One, join BrightTALK Academy and me for Presentation Trifecta: Content, Tools, and Tactics to Generate Demand Online.

Two, consider the following:

Content, not the medium, is the primary reason you’ll generate leads

I’d hope it goes without saying, but people want to learn stuff, solve problems, and succeed at their roles. The foundation of how they get there is content-driven.

This doesn’t mean they don’t have preferences in terms of which medium they learn through, and as a marketer you have choices to make about which media will deliver what you want.

The medium isn’t the message, but it can dramatically transform results

That I’m an inch wide and mile deep (centimeter wide and kilometer deep?) is well known, but look past my bias to this fact: live, interaction with people has the potential to bring something unique to your lead generation program. It’s part of what we’ll be exploring in this webinar.

If you’re marketing for webinars is no different than papers or ebooks, you’re missing out

If live interaction is awesome (it is) and you’re not marketing that unique quality (correctly), you are likely leaving money on the table.

If you’re producing webinars that don’t get the results you want, you may need to coach your presenters

If content is the foundation and presenters are the source of that, you’re faced with the reality that you can only do so much with something that otherwise misses the mark.

An effective partnership to optimize your webinars is critical

Optimization drives valuation. How the marketer communicates the value and how a presenter delivers value isn’t just about information availability, it’s about how a prospect perceives and engages.

The bottom line

It is entirely understandable why some organizations don’t achieve all they want with webinars. There are plenty of webinars that miss the mark that serve as poor role models – models that get repeated. If you’ll better align the content – the very foundation of your lead generation programs – with webinar execution you’ll easily stand out from the pack.

Better yet, accelerate your own learning and success by joining me for a deeper dive into a framework for webinar program content and tactics for making the most of your efforts.


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