Publishers and bloggers

Reaching and engaging virtual audiences.

It’s a problem for marketing, learning and development, sales. And accountants. And public sector organizations. And…


Their problem is no longer, “Can I show PowerPoint to the world?”

It is now, “How do I get them to show up from the neck up?”

And it’s the sole expertise we focus on at 1080 Group…we’re an inch wide and a mile deep (“centimeter wide, kilometer deep” for many of our friends).

Supplement your readers’ “aha” experience with compelling, pragmatic content 

Quotes. Interviews. Articles and blog posts. Speaking/training engagements.

Whatever the form, the goal is evidence-supported, pragmatic insight or your readers.

So you look like the rock star.

Tap into our publishing-friendly process and priorities

You need it yesterday. In the right form and length.

We’ve delivered results from Training Australia Magazine to a webcast in Poland sponsored by the European Union, and 1080 Group will make your day, too. Let us know how.


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