Room setup for in-person events

Set-up Preferences

Audio Visual

Microphone – More than 40 people

  • One wireless (no cord) lavaliere (lapel) microphone for Roger
  • One wireless (no cord) handheld microphone (for audience interviewing) per 200 attendees

Monitor – More than 40 people

  • Video/visual monitor downstage for Roger to view his PowerPoint


  • Large LCD screen(s) – as large as possible! Please use two screens if they aren’t large enough for attendees to view details


  • Powerful LCD projector for PowerPoint and video projection. Set the projector to the side of the stage, not on it or behind it


  • Roger will provide his own laptop and remote to run his PowerPoint slides


  • Run ample cable from the LCD projector all the way up to the stage. Roger must be able to TOUCH his laptop during the program, not simply use a remote

Room Setup


  • If a podium has been ordered for announcements/introductions, Roger will place his laptop this. If no podium is available, a small cocktail round or podium should be placed on stage for Roger’s laptop and notes.

Product table

  • A 6-foot skirted product table in the back of the room or off to one side for book sales and signing (at the conclusion of the presentation)


  • If session is less than 90 minutes, theatre style is preferred using chevron layout. Tables are requested for sessions over ninety minutes, set in classroom style


Lights: House lights should be up full, even if the screen looks dim

Water: Please have a pitcher of water with NO ice and a glass available for Roger

Temperature: no colder than 70 degrees farenheit/21 degrees Celsisus

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