Where do I start?

Is your audience there from the neck up?

Research shows that the vast majority of webinar attendees multitask. IF they show up.

Do you really understand how the audience on the other end is experiencing what you think you’re delivering? Are you harnessing the immense potential of live virtual communications to inspire, educate, and motivate? Might your strategy and tactics be vastly different if you understood the preferences and psychological triggers of your attendees?

Unless you’re communicating just to hear yourself speak, your objective is to have an impact with the knowledge or skills you’re delivering. Or the point of view you’re delivering to advance the pipeline or influence an outcome.

If you don’t understand the simplicity and predictability of the brain, a lot of your webinar attendees are likely giving you only part of their attention. IF they don’t click the “log out” button.

Here’s your opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills you need to change that. To make your virtual presentations “must see” events. To keep them there from the neck up. To take your organization from good to great.

1080 Group unravels the mystery of virtual presentation engagement 

The “1080 Way” is an evidence-based approach to invitations, content, design, and delivery of live communications with web conferencing, webcasting, and webinars.

Our brains are hardwired with triggers that haven’t changed for centuries…but the medium through which that communication occurs transforms the experience.

Mastering a new medium isn’t hard, but it is different. Imagine being able to apply practical, actionable psychological insights to your organization’s webinars. Going from “death by PowerPoint” to “delivering a communication experience” is so simple you will wonder how you did without it for so long.

What’s the catch?

In today’s info-overload world, two things remain eternally true. One, trust is built on integrity and credibility. And two, we accelerate the speed of trust when we give before we get.

1080 Group stands on the shoulders of many who have gone before. Psychologists, researchers, clients and book readers who share their stories with us. We’ve benefitted from so many great people, this is where we “pay it forward.”

It’s why we share in our blog. It’s why we deliver comprehensive resources in our Free section. Sure, we have workshops and products that you may like to buy to increase your knowledge. But we also trust you’re a lot like us…we expect to trust before we buy. Free means free.

The purpose of this website

Anything that works (like using webinars) sooner or later attracts its share of get-rich-quick hucksters, self-proclaimed gurus, and fluffy blog posts written for SEO instead of people.

If you, like us, have figured out that “Microsoft might teach you to use Word, but they don’t teach you how to be a writer,” your search will end here. Our goal: actionable, evidence-based information that touches every aspect of compelling and engaging virtual presentations.

You will also find a personality. “Professional for the largest organizations in the world” doesn’t have to mean “non-conversational language scrubbed within an inch of its life.”

What you can expect our focus to be 

“All things to all people” is a sure-fire way of saying nothing. 1080 Group’s mission focuses squarely on three values:


Live, interpersonal communications, not the authoring/creation of content for self-directed consumption.


You don’t pay us to do it for you. We teach you to do it.

Soft skills

Yes, knowing how to use tools is part of success, but as we quip, “Microsoft will teach you how to use Word, but they don’t teach you how to be a writer.” Another analogy: “Great customer service isn’t about ‘how to use a telephone.’”

Three reasons why you should subscribe

Reason 1: Practical, actionable information, simple to implement, psychologically sound.

Reason 2: Links to free stuff not posted in the blog.

Reason 3: You can unsubscribe at any time with one click. Making “unsubscribe” a pain in the backside is a low integrity, right?

The bonus: With your subscription you get a free “bullets to visuals” tutorial, (and you keep the PowerPoint slide template)

What the free tutorial is about

Geniuses like John Medina (NYT bestselling author of Brain Rules) point out that research supports the fact that eyes are drawn to visuals. And when he addresses PowerPoint specifically (page 239), his conclusion is that professionals should “1) Burn their current PowerPoint presentations.” and “2) Make new ones.”

“Engaging your audience visually” isn’t about abandoning all words and putting up cute pictures…it’s about tapping into how the brain works. Whether you’re marketing, selling, or training, this tutorial will help you learn to increase the effectiveness of your communication.

 The bottom line

It’s one thing when someone sends you a nice email. It’s another when they give permission for you to use a testimonial. We appreciate all those.

It’s yet another, however, when they do something like directly recommend you their Twitter followers. Here are a few examples, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

@jillkonrath says: @1080Group I like your book, The Virtual Presenter. It’s the only one of its kind too. People need it!
@angiekey says: A huge thanks to @1080Group + #WebinarX for the single best hour I’ve invested in professional development in a long time!

We hope it’s radically clear: we don’t just want to talk about “giving to get,” we walk our talk. If you’re not sure where to start, start with our blog.

To get started on your journey, try out some of the free stuff or contact us to chat briefly.

Roger Courville
Principal, Chief Envisioneer
1080 Group, LLC

P.S. We used to joke that we didn’t have a single client in our home state of Oregon, U.S.A., but it wasn’t because we had no clients…it’s because they are quite literally all over the world. And it’s no longer true.

If you are joining from outside the United States, welcome. The honest truth is that I spend so much time working “in” other countries, I literally find myself writing “organisation” missing its “zed” as often as not.

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