In sales? Here’s a webinar for you

I just had the pleasure this week of speaking for students and industry pros alike at Ohio University’s Sales Symposium, and I’ll admit to being a little amused to get on an airplane to teach about presenting virtually…but then if you’ve heard me speak, you know that I don’t advocate throwing all face-to-face contact out the door.

It’s more common, however, to find me virtually.  Some good news in the world of sales and training recently is that after announcing a shut down, Sales and Management Magazine has been purchased and revitalized, including a new webinar series (yay!).

So…here’re the virtual goodies virtually.  Join me on 6/22?

2 thoughts on “In sales? Here’s a webinar for you

  1. Ariel Dekovic

    Is this webinar free to attend? Thanks!

    1. TheVP

      Free. No charge. Paid for by the sponsoring organization. Hope to see you!

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