Q&A: EMEA “Present like a Pro” webinar

What a wonderfully interactive audience yesterday at the presentation I did about webinar presentation delivery.  What follows is one of the Qs I didn’t get to during this well-attended event.  To be fair to readers, a number of these answers assume you were there, so you might check out the recording.  Q&A

Karl M., commented (I presume) on me stating that all audiences multitask saying, “Not true – if a window is resized, still watching.”

Fair comment, Karl.  I didn’t go as deeply into the subject in this webinar as in the first of the series, but here’s my stance.

One, I often state that it’s most likely somebody in the audience is multitasking, even when we’re making in-person presentations.

Two, if that’s true, we should strive to ‘move the needle.’  We’ll never command 100% attention, but we can design and deliver to improve the percentage and the likelihood that our message will connect with someone only giving us part of their attention.

To your point, though – you were obviously paying attention!  I sincerely appreciate that we can dialogue, even when there are hundreds in the audience!

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