Q&A: EMEA ‘Present like a Pro’ webinar

What a wonderfully interactive audience yesterday at the presentation I did about webinar presentation delivery.  What follows is one of the Qs I didn’t get to during this well-attended event.  To be fair to readers, a number of these answers assume you were there, so you might check out the recording.  Q&A

David S. asked, “Will you be including SlideRocket elements in comparison to PowerPoint?”

David, as you discovered, no.

I think SlideRocket (and othes) do a great service to many.  But this webinar was focused on delivering live, interactive webinar presentations.

If you get to know me, you’ll discover that I’m particular about adapting to the particulars of any given medium, including the finer points of how you reach an audience with a message.  An on-demand presentation is (or should be) approached differently than a live presentation.  I think slide sharing tools (SlideShare, SlideRocket, et al) are awesome, but they’re still designed to be read, not spoken + viewed. This webinar was about live webinar presentations.

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