1080 Group is pleased to partner with complementary organizations with strong reputations and demonstrated commitment to excellence. Herein you will find links to both Collaborators and Supporters.

Collaborators are organizations with whom we have co-developed a unique offering or relationship.

Supporters and vendors are industry related organizations, some of whom we work with in capacities listed on our vendor services page.

Note: 1080 Group is vendor-neutral with regard to web conferencing/casting/virtual classroom technologies, and we do not sell web/audio/video conferencing or take referral fees for such from those who do.


Presentation Gym

presentationgym is a German-based organization with a fabulous means of rehearsing presentations. Our own Katie Stroud is delivers 1080 Group sessions via presentationgym. Watch for more to come in the way of 1080 Group announcements here.

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Colited was founded by Daniel Holzinger in 2011. The company helps corporations to develop and implement online collaboration and workplace flexibility (workshifting) strategies with four key benefits:

  •  optimized internal and external communication processes
  • increased productivity and job satisfaction
  •  decreased costs
  •  positive impact on the environment

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Supporters and Vendors


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