A virtual presentation lesson from a TV weatherman

This morning I had the fun of going to KPTV for a guest appearance with local weather celeb Andy Carson. They had kindly donated this appearance to the amazing Quinn Driscoll Foundation (founded by Scott, 1080 Group’s co-founder), and I was the high bidder at the charity auction.

Except that I didn’t make it on camera.

As a dad, I took along my extrovert middle daughter and decided I’d have more fun giving her the experience than using the slot for myself.

But I got to learn something anyway: Live TV crews have problems too.

Not that you didn’t know that, but as we were touring the station we walked into the control room (where producers et al were running the show), there was a kerfuffle which, though brief, caused Andy to look at us and say, “Well, it’s live. Stuff happens.”

Here’s the truth:

What makes KPTV click for their viewers is what will make you rock when presenting virtually…authenticity.

I didn’t see the feed that the live viewers saw, but judging from Andy’s “talk with the audience like I’m in their living room” approach, I’m guessing absolutely zero people cared.

Professionalism isn’t what happens when everything goes right. It’s what happens when something goes wrong.

Audiences are real people who look past hiccups that are handled professionally.

Great presenters are real people who do the same.

2 thoughts on “A virtual presentation lesson from a TV weatherman

  1. The Weathergirl's Mother

    So… What happened? 😉

  2. Donnie Bryant

    So awesome!

    Thanks for sharing this story, Roger!

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