Have a presentation that needs a mani/pedi?

I was well past 40 before I learned that “mani/pedi” meant “manicure/pedicure,” but I’ll cut to the chase:

In July I’m doing a public webinar that will be makeovers of real slides from real people.

That could be you.

A longer description of the webinar is below, but here’s how this works:

  1. Send an email saying you’re interested to my assistant Nina:  nina (at sign) 1080Group (dot) com
  2. She’ll send you an email with a couple sentences of simple terms (you agree that you’re not sharing something confidential, we have permission to share the makeover publicly, that you’re not getting compensated, and that we’ll send you something nice if you get chosen)
  3. You send your deck and say “Yes, I agree” to the terms

If a slide is chosen (we’ll be using 4-6 examples), we will (of course!) let you know when the webinar is taking place, and you’ll get the makeover slide(s) back to keep/use (no charge to you).

One other promise: We won’t embarrass you… we’re all students of life here, whether it’s mani/pedis or presentations.

Thanks in advance.



Working description: Slide design for webinar-specific presentations

If you’re like most people, the challenge with creating more effective PowerPoint slides for webinars isn’t a lack of desire, it’s how to improve when time is limited and you don’t have a Ph.D in design.

Attend this live, interactive event to:

  • Learn three principles of presentation design unique to webinars
  • See step-by-step “how to” from “before to after”
  • Learn how to use slides to improve audience engagement
  • Get a checklist of ideas you can apply immediately

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  1. Craig Hadden - Remote Possibilities

    Hi Roger, I just found this post. Sounds like a great webinar. Is a recording available? Thanks.

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