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Evidence-based best practices to grow your audience and team

Web conferencing, web casting, virtual classroom, and virtual trade show vendors face unique business challenges. 1080 Group’s experience and approach to evidence-based use of technology to deliver business results are always customized to complement your efforts.

Benefits include:

  • Proven: award-winning speaking and writing services to deliver stories and skills of value, generating excitement, press, and action
  • Industry depth: enhance your efforts with third party authority and validation
  • Evidence-based: primary and secondary investigation and to generate and support best practices
  • Behavioral focus: pragmatic, “how to” instead of “what is the growth rate of video conferencing in Asia Pacific”
  • Third-party credibility: as a vendor-neutral analysis and training firm, we do not sell web/audio/video conferencing, casting, or classroom services or take referral/affiliate fees

Inspire and educate your audience to want more of what you sell

Presentations and workshops

Once referred to as “the world’s leading authority in virtual presentations,” Roger Courville’s EduInfluence Method™ of virtual presentation delivery will transform your audience from “this is a poor alternative” to “this is a strategic opportunity we need to leverage.”

  • Content: early-stage “thought leadership” to later-stage “applied skills” topics (see his Curriculum Vitae for ideas)
  • Venues: online, offline, or blended: webinars, webcasts, virtual classrooms, and/or blended seminars (in-classroom with laptops simultaneously)

Webinar, webcast moderating

An adept and conversational moderator, Roger Courville knows how to transform other presenters into virtual presentation rockstars and help them keep your webinar/webcast audience on the edge of their seats.

Client adoption programs

1080 Group’s service adoption model picks up where implementation and rollout leave off. Objective: transform a new client from “availability and awareness” to “competence and confidence.”

Round out your content marketing and educational efforts 

Surveys, papers

1080 Group doesn’t create or present research or inferential evidence for the sake of itself; it’s always and only shared in the context of supporting the pragmatic learning or action-oriented recommendation.

  • Personas: business decision maker, user
  • Sales cycle: lead generation, lead nurturing, service adoption
  • Styles: thought-leader/best practices white paper, executive brief, application brief

Content licensing, reprints

Entirely tailored for you, 1080 Group will produce content for you to deliver for lead generation, presenter training, or train-the-trainer applications.

  • Training curriculum, train-the-trainer: instructional design & adaptation of 1080 Group content for your instructors to deliver
  • “Sponsored by” ebook: high-value marketing tool to deliver high conversion rates (example: The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook)
  • Train-the-presenters on-demand videos: short, executive-style videos to help your virtual presenters up their game
  • Transform a favorite blog post into a customized educational brief

Transform insight into competitive advantage

Decision-support intelligence

Industry and product intelligence is critical to positioning, go-to-market, and sales execution. 1080 Group adheres to strict ethical guidelines (as established by Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals) for gathering and sharing corporate decision-making intelligence.

  • Information and analysis to support product marketing and program development
  • Executive consultation
  • Sales training

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