Find the pause button and…

You’re using virtual presentations or classrooms, you’re more productive than ever, and we know you’re a real professional.  (we know because commitment to personal growth in a discipline is a hallmark of a real pro, and you’re not likely reading this blog if you’re not)

But can you find the pause button?

I’m the Vice President of PR for my local Toastmasters chapter, and this morning I showed up to our local meeting to find that one of our long time members wasn’t there.

And Bob’s not coming back. He logged out this week, if you know what I mean.

Today’s lesson…or reminder, as the case may be…is that life is short and that there are infinitely more important things than work. True, work is honorable, it’s necessary, it’s part of how we’re made.

And it’s time, right now, to push the pause button. To give you time to spend a moment reflecting on truth. Reveling in love and relationship. Recapturing a sense of wonder.

Go ahead. Hit the pause button on whatever virtual time sucking vortex right in front of you and go tell somebody you love them.

We’ll both get back to learning about killer virtual presentations later.  I promise.

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