Three reasons to get your webinars ready for mountain climbers

What, may I ask, is your strategy for mobile webinars?

In this recent post, Fortune Magazine notes that the highest video call made to date was from 17000 feet…on Mount Everest!

Users are increasingly mobile

Mobile devices now outnumber PCs, and according to Fortune, total penetration is 76%.  The question isn’t if, but when, you will have webinar attendees joining you from something other than their laptop.

Devices will affect how you design slides and experiences

Quick question:  what’s the optimum font size for presentations viewed on mobile devices?  How will you manage Q&A?  Right.  We’re still working on it, too (but you can bet we’ll be sharing with you how!).

Attention spans will pressure how you develop content

Blah, blah, blah, blah, questions? That’s not usually the best webinar content strategy when you have a legitimate opportunity to spend an hour with someone, let alone if you think that this trend will continue as people increasingly consume content via their phones.


P.S.  Webex doesn’t mention it explicitly when they mentioned having a conversation with one of their own on Everest, but there’s still a big difference between someone attending and presenting from a mobile device.

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