Attendee-generated content

This works offline as well as on, but it’s SO much easier virtually…

In a past life I was doing some sales training.  The problem was that I was new to the company and figured the sales crew knew way more than I did.  DING!  Have them generate some content.

I created a hands on exercise that walked them through the three vertical columns of Solution Selling (diagnose reasons, explore impact, visualize capabilities).  They created piles of questions to ask a prospect at each of these stages for each of the products I was training on.  Collating it was painful…we had more than 400 handwritten entries, but the output was seriously cool.  They learned from each other and they loved it.

Virtually, of course, this is much easier.  Most web conferencing tools allow you to capture and report Q&A (some treat “chat” differently, so look it up).  But the principle is the same.

Ask a question that lets attendees create the handout content.

3 thoughts on “Attendee-generated content

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  2. Scott

    Roger- this tactic works well in the marketing world as well. Use the same concept to get customer feedback, capture demographic/psychographic information, needs analysis and user generated content (who better to ask what they want to hear about then your captive audience?). A simple question like, “what topics would you like us to cover in our next web seminar?” is a great start. Now you can start building individual profile data as well as gathering those broad base nuggets of information.

    PS- as a “product guy” I’ve used this to gather instant feedback on product demo’s and from user communities who are providing candid feedback on product features/functions, etc.

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