Web Seminar Planner’s Toolkit

Web seminars, webcasts, webinars…whatever you call ’em, they’re projects.  Presenters and planners can find a lot of info on the web – for free – that fall into two categories:

  • They offer rudimentary advice akin to telling a wedding planner to not forget inviting the guests
  • Or worse, they hype webinars as the most revolutionary thing since the printing press, including how the leads will flow in, how trainees will worship you, meeting planners are going to be out of business, and speakers will start magically making money

Fact: they’re an invaluable part of the communcations mix.  Irreplaceable.  If they’re not in your bag o’ tricks, you’re missing out.

And that’s why we at 1080 Group are committed to teaching the real goods.  Microsoft Word doesn’t teach you how to write.  And a web conferencing tool doesn’t teach you how to manage projects.

Web Seminar Planner’s Toolkit.  Out soon.

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