Using Core Values Index insight to communicate more effectively

UPDATE: The special event has passed, but the free version of the Core Values Index is still available to you here.


Have you ever wondered why you really resonate in some situations and not others? Have you ever taken a personality assessment and said, “Well, that’s sort of right?”

Free version of the Core Values Index -

A very terse backstory and confession…I am a complete junkie for knowing more about myself (MBTI, Strengthsfinder, etc.). For years and for reasons I won’t go into here, my favorites are the Kolbe index and the Core Values Index (and I’m a certified coach in the latter).

Fast forward to THIS opportunity: Citrix GoToMeeting and Choose Growth Group have kindly sponsored an event where you can take the $50 Core Values Index for free when you register for the webinar.

Here’s what to do (and remember this expires at 9am on December 13th):

  1. Register for this webinar. It is targeted to sales people, but I promise you it’ll be interesting even if you’re not a sales person.
  2. When you get the webinar’s confirmation email, in it will be a link to take the Core Values Index. Your time invested to take the CVI: About 10 minutes.

NOTE: If you want the full $50 version of the CVI at no charge, you must use the link in the webinar’s confirmation email.


Full webinar event description

Every prospect brings the potential to close a deal and reach your quota, but the reality is some deals are a lot harder than others to get your arms around.

This is where the Core Values Index comes in: Better understand yourself, better understand clues your prospect gives you about how they are wired, and using the insight to better relate, avoid conflict, and “speak their language.”

Join virtual presentation expert and certified CVI coach Roger Courville for this informative, interactive webinar to:

  • Learn what differentiates the CVI and what it means to you
  • Learn the four core values and six contribution types
  • How to use how YOU are wired to make your highest and best contribution
  • Learn to recognize OTHERS’ core  values to “speak their language”

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