At 1080 Group we presume you’ve got a brain…you bring knowledge and experience to the table. It’s likely you don’t need us to cover some aspects of virtual presentations and need to go deeply on others.

It’s why we avoid trying to tie a nice bow around a box (read: a datasheet). Rather, we partner with you to match Services (means of engaging your audience with knowledge) with Learning Objectives (the knowledge/skills you where need your learners to develop professional excellence).


Presentations and Workshops

As mentioned in our Approach, there is no one way to deliver learning content. Presentations, workshops, training sessions, consulting, and even on-demand videos are valid – each appropriate in its place.

  • Content: early-stage “thought leadership” to later-stage “applied skills” topics, always tailored to your audience and objectives
    • See Roger’s Curriculum Vitae for examples of historically delivered programs
    • See the Learning Objectives outline below to jumpstart your vision of learning outcomes 1080 Group can assist with
  • Venues: online, offline, or blended: webinars, webcasts, virtual classrooms, and/or blended seminars (in-classroom with laptops simultaneously)

Event and Presentation Audits

Sometimes the place to start is figuring out where you’re at – strengths and opportunities to improve. The Audit is a written report, typically 5-8 pages in length, with an in-depth analysis and set of recommendations.

  • Events: invitation-to-final-survey analysis, 1080 Group begins with analysis of the invitation, user experience from an ‘every click’ perspective, presentation and presenter delivery
  • Presentation: analysis and recommendations of a PowerPoint (or equivalent) deck to optimize it for use in a webinar/webcast/virtual presentation

Content Licensing

Entirely tailored for you, 1080 Group will produce content (or tailor existing products) for you to deliver for lead generation, presenter training, or train-the-trainer applications.

  • Train-the-presenters on-demand videos: short, executive-style videos to help your virtual presenters up their game
  • Training curriculum, train-the-trainer: instructional design & adaptation of 1080 Group content for your instructors to deliver
  • “Sponsored by” ebook: high-value marketing tool to deliver high conversion rates (example: The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook)

Decision-Support Intelligence

If you have few criteria for selecting technology or service vendors, nearly any vendor will do. However, as you push the limits of what your systems and processes can do, you’ll likely find yourself in need of requirements development that takes advantage of a broader intelligence landscape. 1080 Group adheres to strict ethical guidelines (as established by Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals) for gathering and sharing corporate decision-making intelligence.

  • RFP development
  • Vendor investigation and analysis

Learning Objectives

Below is a list of content areas covered by 1080 Group. For a complete list of learning objectives in these categories, email a simple request to info(at sign)1080Group(dot)(com). See Roger’s Curriculum Vitae for examples of historically delivered programs.

Attitudinal/situational: cultural- and learner-driven approach to webinars/webcasts/virtual learning and event environments

Key question: how does the medium affect the virtual presentation experience for both presenters/trainers and audience/learners?

Strategy: integrated, blended, and programmatic approach from lead to close to learner development

Key question: what are the best practices for developing business momentum with webinar/webcast/virtual learning programs, both stand-alone and where they intersect with other forms of communication?

Content: optimize for “educational marketing” in live, online presentations

Key question: in a short-attention span environment, how do we apply an evidence-based approach to developing content improves attention, cognition, and retention?

Production: best practices for technology/environmental management

Key question: beyond “how to use a piece of software,” what are the technological implications of process and project management for successful webinar/webcast/virtual learning sessions and marketing programs

Invitations: research, example, and best practice specific to live, online events/presentations

Key question: what is the evidence for what uniquely works in the live, online presentation environment

Design: “design for non-designers” approach to optimizing attention, cognition, and retention in a new/less-familiar medium

Key question: how do we get average PowerPoint users to think and deliver visually engaging “whole brain” presentations that are optimized to how webinar audiences/learners are experiencing the presentation?

Delivery: natural communications in a new/unnatural presentation environment

Key question: how do we tap into the power of “live” to improve attentiveness and impact?

Evaluation & Reporting: determining what and how to measure results

Key question: how do we gather better data for leads, better understanding of learners, and analysis to improve our webinar/webcast/virtual learning programs?

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