The power of a webinar title

I just received an email for a webinar entitled “Survey Results.”


Now to be fair to the creator, I do need to disclose that this email was a confirmation email – that one that comes to you after you’ve registered for an event.Customer Service - Yawn

But here’s the problem:

Two weeks from now when I get a reminder for the event (often a day before the webinar), what will that communicate to me?

The SAD truth is that most web conferencing and webcast providers don’t include your promotional content or event description in the automated follow up emails.

So here’s my question to you:

You KNOW that only a portion of those that register attend (very loosely a third to half).  So if your message is important for them to hear, why wouldn’t you want to improve your odds in this statistic.

To do that, I think a confirmation or reminder email should reiterate to your audience the benefits of why they should show up… stuff that’s typically in the invite or registration copy…

…but isn’t in a headline like “Survey Results.”

This gets us back to the power of the title.  IF you’re like most folks, you’re using the automated confirmation and reminder emails that come from your webinar solution provider.

Which means you’re missing out.

Make sure your webinar title is descriptive, laden with benefit(s).  This post isn’t a “how to write headlines” so much as a plea:

Tell me, in your webinar title, why I should give you an hour of my precious time.

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