Interaction is even more valuable than exposure

Dateline:  17 March 07

Pub:  Business Week

Quote:  (Microsoft) SVP Mich Matthews told attendees at a recent marketing conference that over the next three years Microsoft will move most of its ad buys into the digital realm.  “Interaction,” said Matthews, “is even more valuable than exposure.” 

I forgot that I saved this quote, but I remember being struck by it.  Remember he previously stated adage, “The power of the live, interactive web seminar is dialogue”?  Here’s somebody in the ad space saying something similar. 

Here’s why:

To hone a message for a marketplace, I need to research that marketplace.  I begin to try to play to the largest averages.

But if I can ask you a question, your response (whatever it is), eliminates a whole pile of options and let’s me focus my response (the next question or message delivered) with a lot more accuracy.

Deliver a web seminar without asking and answering questions, and you’re broadcasting. 

Dialogue is even more valuable than exposure.

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