Reminders: not just when and how, but also why?

On average, most people who register for a web seminar do not attend. While there are many potential reasons, consider the most common scenario.

Prospect receives an invitation. Since the event is three weeks away, their calendar is open.

The day before the event, they receive a reminder… ‘don’t forget that you’re registered for tomorrow’s web seminar.’ Oops, that calendar is now full.

The biggest problem is that they usually don’t remember why the registered. And the reminder rarely, if ever, reminds them.

We go out of our way to have registration pages share ‘why you should attend this event’ benefits. We should go out of our way to re-sell/tell them why they shouldn’t miss it…especially now that your event is competing with a schedule a lot more crowded.

Be sure your reminder emails not only remind registrants when and how, but also why.

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