The telephone reminder

I heard recently (though I don’t remember where) that the average B2B lead takes 21 days to follow up on.  That’s obvious death.

Instead of counting on the telephone for post-event oomph, consider investing that telephone-dialing effort into pre-event reminders (in lieu of one or more email reminder).

One, it’ll boost your attendance rate. Even if only a portion of calls connect with a live person, a tight script from a real human being is not only warm touch there are two advantages. There’s a proven advantage of using multiple media to deliver a benefit-laden message, and these days a voicemail may well get cut through life noise better than another email.

Two, you can use the event reminder as a soft-entry into a conversation. “Hi Pradeep, this is Suzi from Acme Widget Launching calling to confirm we’ve got you registered for tomorrow’s webinar, ‘How to Launch Widgets on a Shoestring.’ Just out of curiosity, are there any questions I can pass along to the presentation team that you’d love to make sure they cover?”

Cut through the noise with voicemail reminders for your web-based event.

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