Where do I start?

Is your audience there from the neck up?

Research shows that the vast majority of webinar attendees multitask. IF they show up.

Do you really understand how the audience on the other end is experiencing what you think you’re delivering? Are you harnessing the immense potential of live virtual communications to inspire, educate, and motivate? Might your strategy and tactics be vastly different if you understood the preferences and psychological triggers of your attendees?

Unless you’re communicating just to hear yourself speak, your objective is to have an impact with the knowledge or skills you’re delivering. Or the point of view you’re delivering to advance the pipeline or influence an outcome.

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What is 1080 Group, LLC and what does “1080” mean?

The parent company where we help people rock webinars, webcasts, and virtual classrooms…and grow their business in the process. Many ask, what does “1080” mean?

Take a peek inside Bekah’s Barista

June, 2006. Bekah’s Barista coffee shop.

Conferencing industry veterans Roger Courville & Scott Driscoll are catching up, not intending to start another company (both were co-founders at Corvent which was acquired by Intercall). As they often do, they started musing on “What are the big trends, and what will people need to succeed?”

The short answer: education. Every maturing market always spawns new markets of related technologies and/or know-how.

A baby 1080 is born

Over the next few weeks they ran the numbers, hatched a plan, and realized they needed a name. What they knew was that it wasn’t likely to be an “Amazon” or “Monster” type of brand. More importantly, the question was, “How do we embody what we value?”

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About Roger Courville

Roger Courville is author of The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook, Successful Webinars with GoToWebinar, and contributing author to Business Expert Guide to Small Business Success. Roger is Principal at 1080 Group, and internationally sought-after speaker/teacher on the use of web seminars to deliver business results.

A veteran of the web seminar industry since 1999, Roger has engaged tens of thousands in live webinars, and he’s reached tens of thousands more with writing appearances for Workshifting.com, SpeakingAboutPresenting.com, Training Australia Magazine, Presentations Magazine, eLearningGuild, and more. His 2008 white paper “Five Keys to Moving Training Online” won TrainingZone.co.uk’s Reader’s Choice Award for “Top Download of the Year.”

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