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Evidence-based best practices to grow your audience and team

Web conferencing, web casting, virtual classroom, and virtual trade show vendors face unique business challenges. 1080 Group’s experience and approach to evidence-based use of technology to deliver business results are always customized to complement your efforts.

Benefits include:

  • Proven: award-winning speaking and writing services to deliver stories and skills of value, generating excitement, press, and action
  • Industry depth: enhance your efforts with third party authority and validation
  • Evidence-based: primary and secondary investigation and to generate and support best practices
  • Behavioral focus: pragmatic, “how to” instead of “what is the growth rate of video conferencing in Asia Pacific”
  • Third-party credibility: as a vendor-neutral analysis and training firm, we do not sell web/audio/video conferencing, casting, or classroom services or take referral/affiliate fees

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Create fresh value. Create new revenue streams.

Even in the best of times the challenges are significant. We know…we belong to associations ourselves, we volunteer there.

The good news? 1080 Group’s Professional Development in a Box is a program designed specifically to empower associations and their chapters to create new value for members and prospects, generate new revenues, and have a little fun a long the way.

Deliver professional development that your members need

Nearly everyone who needs to communicate needs to do so virtually sometimes.

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Meeting Planners

<<Summary paragraph of Book Roger, Setup InPerson and photos and logos>>

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Publishers and Bloggers

Reaching and engaging virtual audiences.

It’s a problem for marketing, learning and development, sales. And accountants. And public sector organizations. And…


Their problem is no longer, “Can I show PowerPoint to the world?”

It is now, “How do I get them to show up from the neck up?”

And it’s the sole expertise we focus on at 1080 Group…we’re an inch wide and a mile deep (“centimeter wide, kilometer deep” for many of our friends).

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